Every day, thousands of people worldwide die of the infectious disease malaria. There are certain areas in the tropics and subtropics in which there is a particular risk of the pathogens being transmitted to humans by the Anopheles species of mosquito. Mosquito nets provide effective protection by preventing the mosquito from making physical contact with the protected person.


SafeNet mosquito nets are certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) under the Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (PES) and thus meet the most demanding standards. They also ensure that the mosquito dies after contact with the mosquito net. Nevertheless, it is ensured that people who come into contact with the net at the same time and, for example, sleep under it, are not harmed.


SafeNet is classified as Long Lasting Insecticidal Net (LLIN). This means that the mosquito net can be washed several times by the user to clean it without the anti-mosquito insecticide coated onto the net to being quickly washed out. This complex chemical formula took several years of research and development. The ultimate success also underlines our know-how in the development of textiles.


SafeNet products have an estimated service life of up to three years. During this time they will save thousands of lives in the poorest regions of the world. At the same time, these mosquito nets prevent the further spread of malaria, so that this infectious disease can hopefully one day be overcome.  

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