Quality is not controlled 

-  it's produced !


Clothing is a product group that can have defects as result of human activity. With this in mind, we have our own experienced quality controllers in each production country, who thoroughly check our goods throughout the entire production process and before shipment to the country of destination.


Our locally based quality controllers are trained, coordinated and supervised by travelling technicians  from Germany. The partner companies handling the production are given targeted, forward-looking advice before and during the manufacturing process. Risks are minimized by way of multi-stage processes and checks. Quality is thus ensured in advance as standard. Our quality management goes well beyond the industry average in this respect. MAINPOL creates a problem-free product in the first place.


In addition to quality control, our offices perform a wide range of other tasks, such as monitoring sampling procedures, sourcing of sewing shops and suppliers of ingredients, adherence to social compliance and our own code of conduct, carrying out internal controls and audits, and taking samples for the physical and chemical testing procedures.   


Representative office in China

In the city of Hangzhou we run biggest representative office, with twenty quality controllers and additional management staff. Its main tasks also include ensuring compliance with the company's own quality assurance processes and the implementation of social compliance regulations. 


Further representative offices

  • Bangladesh
  • Cambodia
  • India
  • Myanmar
  • Pakistan
  • Turkey
  • Uruguay