MAINPOL makes fashion ideas reality. 

Our livelihood is our excellent production management which helps your products to show the desired top look.

Representative offices


In each of our production countries we have a representative office that ensures the realization of our requirements there. These employees also support MAINPOL in sourcing and selecting suitable suppliers. The production facilities coming into consideration are carefully inspected and evaluated according to a variety of criteria.


Before accepting your order, we first check exactly with which producer it can best be placed. Our expertise ensures that the type and look of the ordered goods are realized precisely there where quality and punctuality are assured. 


Furthermore, our local employees ensure adequate feedback on the current status of production. Our information processing is supported with timely production data kept up to date by our technicians on site. We are thus able to track your order almost in real time.

Clothing technology

Our technical department in Albershausen is the key interface between the customer and the manufacturing units. It ensures that customer wishes are implemented and advises the sewing unit on making up a problem-free product.