MAINPOL was founded in 1975 and forms part of a globally operating network.


MAINPOL already made the internationality and interweaving of world trade  its credo when Austrian Hans Dieter Pöll and Uruguayan Miguel Shlafrok together founded the company in the city of Offenbach/Germany.


The two founding fathers are state-certified leather technicians and master tanners. Both come from families who had run their own tanneries in their respective homelands. It goes without saying that this created optimal conditions for the product that helped MAINPOL to grow over the following decades. 


At the time of its foundation, MAINPOL's activities were focussed on its own production, import and trade with outerwear crafted from genuine leather. Textile materials were added to the range at around the turn of the millennium and set in motion the company's transformation from leather specialist to a supplier of innovative outerwear. As a result, the customer base expanded from the initially supplied specialist trade right through to large corporations that nowadays avail themselves of MAINPOL's expertise, trend certainty and punctuality of delivery.


Since the company was founded, MAINPOL has consistently enhanced its advisory services for customers by way of the fashion input it provides them with. This service is made possible by our own highly talented design department, supported by our professional implementation of clothing ideas and creations. MAINPOL's private label business was rounded off with the establishment of its own brand FREAKY NATION. This brand will be expanding in the years ahead to become a full-range supplier and unambiguously demonstrates MAINPOL's capabilities and competences.


The company’s two founders Pöll and Shlafrok are still fully active in the company's day-to-day business and, by founding MAINPOL, have created a global player that meets its social responsibility. The succession planning of the executive tier is ensured as the future generation is already working in responsible positions at the company.



MAINPOL operates today in a world in which trade inevitably links the fates of many people. Our corporate network is growing continuously and enabling employees all along the supply chain and our customers in the apparel trade to break new ground.

MAINPOL's mosquito net division is an antithesis to the clothing segment, which is often negatively associated with fast fashion and transience. 


The founding of the SafeNet brand made MAINPOL a supplier of products that save thousands of lives every day, especially in developing countries. SafeNet products are used for malaria prophylaxis purposes and protect those whose survival is threatened without this protection.


The labour-intensive sewing work involved in the textile industry means that the sector is frequently present in developing countries. The work in the manufacturing countries has given rise to the consciousness at MAINPOL that the standard of living prevailing in Germany is not to be taken for granted. In addition to the continuous strengthening of the supply chain, the desire also developed to help in particular those people unable to achieve a better standard of living through their own work.


NGOs, the United Nations and their organizations ensure the distribution of the mosquito nets, which are mainly financed by donations, in epidemic areas. SafeNet products from MAINPOL create social sustainability. SafeNet has been awarded the WHOPES certificate by the World Health Organization .