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INSPIRATION gives you impressions of which types of materials for outerwear are currently hip.

  • MAINPOL maintains a broad and diversified PRIVATE LABEL Business with leading brands and retail trading groups. 
  • FREAKY NATION is an own brand of Mainpol. Further information can be found here:

We develop the articles in a targeted manner in close cooperation with our customers. The function, wearing characteristics and fit of the corresponding garments are constantly optimized and enhanced. The intensive, continuous cooperation with our customers is bolstered by the experience and creativity of our in-house design centre, as well as by our textile engineers and product managers.


Once the goods reach Europe, they are processed at various locations in Germany before being delivered to our customers. MAINPOL also has an own logistics centre and textile finishing department at its facility in Albershausen.  

Social Compliance - Entrepreneurial Responsibility

MAINPOL supports the suppliers in their compliance with the prevailing quality standards by sending its own teams of technicians to their premises and by way of advice and intelligence from its location in Albershausen. To this end, the company continuously invests in the necessary basic and advanced training of its employees. MAINPOL gives the suppliers training with regard to the requirements and supports and accompanies them during the production process.


The supply chain involved in the manufacture of products is constantly monitored in respect of the prevailing social compliance requirements. Where manufacture abroad is concerned, riskier working conditions are improved as far as possible and occupational hazards are minimized. This is done on-site by MAINPOL’s own auditors, who check standards and help the manufacturing facilities to work on their fundamentals towards enabling better working conditions for the people there. The measures are already applied on the Tier 2 and Tier 3 production stages for the purposes of counteract risks there as well in the production of intermediate products.


The obligation on the contractual partners to compliance with the MAINPOL Code of Conduct and the monitoring of compliance therewith requires a constant outlay and at the same time forms the basis for our business dealings. This investment, which prevents human rights violations in cases of doubt, also facilitates the development of our partners along the supply chain. These principles are thus essential value drivers towards ensuring a better common future. In addition to specially funded endeavours, MAINPOL is a member and supporter of BSCI and ACCORD.


MAINPOL is ready to make its contribution in terms of environmental standards, sustainability and the saving of precious resources. We actively support the avoidance of plastic packaging in favour of using environmentally friendly alternatives, and are active in reducing our CO2 footprint, for example by improving logistics.


Environmentally friendly materials are used purposefully in the manufacture of our products. We invest in the sourcing of new, better materials in the interests of further optimization. Our auditors and our intelligence at the company location advise our manufacturing facilities on active improvement and compliance with environmental standards in the respective countries.

DETOX - Clean Clothing

The manufacture of clothing has aspects with a negative impact on people and the environment. To reduce this negative impact and banish harmful substances from clothing, MAINPOL supports meaningful campaigns.


This modern and continuous development is already now ensuring an enhanced standard of living for end consumers and contributing towards improved health conditions for humans in the producing countries as well.     

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