Polar Skin Polar Skin is a registered trademark of the company deBall (Nettetal, Germany).
Polar Skin®is the unique anti-cold material made of knitted skin and imitation suede. The finest microfibers form the basis for this next-generation product with the superior characteristics of the original:
  • soft and cuddly warm
  • maximum wearing comfort
  • breathable for the optimum body climate
  • washable and resistant to dry cleaning
(Quelle: deBall)
Suede Suede is not a type of leather, but a microfiber material that was originally synthesised in Japan from polyester and polystyrene.

Suede has a very fine fabric structure that is similar to velour leathers in its texture and appearance. This is why it is often confused with genuine leather.

Suede only weighs half as much as genuine leather and it can be washed in the washing machine up to 40 degrees Celsius.

Something good about its working is the fact that suede can be cut to size in several layers. Its structure is uniform over its entire surface which is why there are fewer clippings than genuine leather.

Some well-known brand names are ALCANTRA and ULTASUEDE.

(Quelle: Wikipedia)
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