MAINPOL performs internal audits to guarantee that the way that its products are manufactured is socially compatible in the countries we purchase from.

The „MAINPOL Code of Conduct“ obliges all suppliers and subcontractors to respect fundamental human rights and guarantee humane working conditions at proper rates of payment while prohibiting child or forced labour.
Social Code of Conduct
The MAINPOL Social code of conduct specifies the demands of business conduct which we see as basic in our dealings with merchandise suppliers. The basis for a long-term business relationship is a fair and honest dealing at all times.

Even though we are working with suppliers which are different from our own cultures, standards and values, particular standards are generally admitted and must be used on all our commercial activities.

Each individual’s human rights and dignity must be respected and protected. Human living conditions must be provided for each person. This Social Code of Conduct has been devised in support of the protection of every individual’s human rights and liberty.

  • Employment
    Based on respect of the fundamental human rights, voluntary of employment must be guaranteed. Forced labour, corporal punishment, slave labour and any illegal form of employment is forbidden and will not be tolerated in any way. The identity of each person is to be maintained - i.e. employees cannot be forced to hand over their documents of identity to the employers.
  • Labour of child
    Child labour does not take place and is absolutely unacceptable. Workers must not be younger than 14 years. If regional regulations provide for higher age limits they have to be observed. Every child is to be protected from exploitation and work which may expose it to danger; this also extends to activity which may hinder a child’s natural physical, spiritual, moral and social development.
  • Discrimination
    Discrimination of any kind is prohibited. Equality and equal opportunities are to be guaranteed for all employees irrespective of race, skin colour, sex, creed, political view, nationality, social background, culture or any other distinctions.
  • Working terms
    Working terms must be carried out under conditions which are proper and adequate regard for the health and safety of those involved. Wages and benefits must be fully comparable with local norms and all local laws. The paying out of wages and other benefits has to taken place regularly, on time and directly to the employee. Working hours have to be in accordance with working-time regulations and current law.
    A safe working environment including occupational hygiene must be provided and a maximum effort is to be made to ensure and promote health protection.
  • Inspection
    MAINPOL or an authorized representative is entitled to undertake unannounced inspections at any manufacturing facility including those of sub-contractors at any time. All suppliers are obliged to make their sub-contractors aware of the MAINPOL Social code of conduct.
  • Sanctions
    Although we believe that all suppliers will follow the requirements set in this Social code of conduct, we will not hesitate to stop our business relationship including the cancellation of outstanding orders, in case of any infringement.
Mainpol, 30.08.2005

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